Investigate – Interview – Insights – Inquiry

NLP is all about people – how they think and how they look and sound as they’re thinking. And if you are an investigator, that’s got to be a topic of some interest to you!

If you’re bored with the same old rubbish about non-verbal communication – tired old courses that seem to rely on a discredited ‘universal body language’ theory – then you’re in for a treat… Everyone you meet has their own way of showing what they’re thinking, they’ll leave behind a trail of non-verbal leakage for anyone with sufficient skill to read. And you can get that skill.

Described as ‘the best course I’ve ever done’ by so many delegates, now you can come on the much admired ‘Psychology of Interviewing’ course run by ITS Training (UK) Ltd. – the trainers of choice for discerning investigators – on our behalf.

Find out :

  • why the eyes have it…
  • how to speak the right language…
  • what incongruence is (and why that matters)…
  • and much, much more!

Quite frankly, this could just be the best course that you’ve ever attended!