NLP Master Practitioner

Take it to the next level…

This is where you take everything you learned on your NLP Practitioner or NLP Business Practitioner course and lift it to a new and exciting level!

You’ll learn to get deeply into rapport with clients, crossing representational systems and noting the smallest differences in physiology. Building on your knowledge of the NLP patterns, you’ll develop the ability to design personalised interventions be certain that you’ve achieved the outcome the client wants and have choices about what to do if things go wrong.

The ‘Master’ level is not so much about new techniques, more about the unconscious competence and seamless integration with which we use the practitioner level skills.  So you’ll cover :

All practitioner level skills, singly and in combination
Eliciting and firing off combinations meta programs
Design of change patterns considering ‘Logical Levels’
Sleight of mouth use of change patterns
Belief change work
Design and installation of ecological strategies
Refined use of submodalities
Deliberate multi-level communication

A key part of being a master is the ability to Model behaviours and techniques, both those that are useful (so that you can add them to your repertoire) and those that are not (so that you can help clients ‘fix’ them). You will demonstrate an excellence in modelling by the time you’ve finished this event!

The course consists of four two-day modules and costs only £1,500 + VAT. Get in touch now to book your course.