About Foresight

It’s All About You Foresight
Here at Foresight, we take a unique approach to your NLP training, mixing direct training with self actuat learning, meaningful projects, independant research…

Coming, as we do, from a BTEC and NVQ background, we understand what guided learning hours are. What’s more we occupy a commercial world where both money and time are not limitless commodities. So the hours you spend on gaining your NLP qualifications are spent valuably, learning about NLP and appying it to the things that matter to you!

Most companies seem to see the generally agreed ‘hours’ for the practitioner and master level training to be either a requirement to deliver massive amounts of (arguably) unnecessary face-to-face training, or as a number to be filled by sending you cds and silly tests. That is not how we see things.

Everything you do as part of your training will be useful to your future work with NLP.

If you would like to know more about our lead trainers (both of whom are highly experienced trainers, not just people with an ‘NLP Trainer’ appellation) you can see their biogs by clicking below.

If you’d like to know more, you can find out how to contact us by clicking this link.