Hypnosis I

This hypnosis training covers all you need to know to start a practice with paying clients.

Starting with the basics, ensuring the issues are clear and that the leaglities are done, you’ll move on to look at the two major induction techniques before covering script design and delivery.

Learn what hypnosis can and cannot do, and what being hypnotised feels like. Discover how to choose the correct induction, how to make sure someone is ‘under’ and how to bring them out safely. Discover how to weave hypnotic suggestions into your scripts for maximum effectiveness.

You’ll learn how to deal with many areas including :

    • Smoking
    • Stress and anxiety
    • Unwanted habits
    • Weight and body-image
    • Fears and phobias
    • Memory
    • Pain
    • Public speaking
    • Self-confidence
    • Sleep


  • Sports performance

Following the course, you’ll benefit from free advice on setting up and running a practice and on such things as fee structures and keeping your accounts in order.

Of course, when you’re ready to take it further, we llok forward to seeing you on Hypnosis II or the NLP Practitioner training.

The fee for the course (including certification) is only £999 and you can download full course details here