Introduction to NLP

Find Out About NLP
…or “What’s this Neuro-linguistic Programming thinggy then?”

There are plenty of people out there getting what they want by using NLP. What’s more, they’re enjoying doing it! Are you one of them? Would you like to be?

Or maybe you aren’t quite sure what NLP is or how it will help you achieve all your goals? Hmmm… Sounds like you’re looking for an NLP taster!

Come along and find out how you can :

Improve the way you communicate with others.
Become more and more effective.
Achieve self-mastery now.
Learn to programme your brain to achieve what you want to.

Once you’ve finished this taster, and seen what it can do, you’ll be pleased to hear you can book a place on a certified NLP course within six months, such as NLP Practitioner or NLP Business Practitioner, and we’ll deduct the cost of this course form your fees.

So what are you waiting for? This has to be the best £99 you’ve ever spent!